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Clay Tile Roof Installation and Repair

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Clay Tile Roofing

Clay Tile Roofing Contractors

Many homeowners are turning to clay tiles. Clay tiles offer a stylish alternative to traditional shingles while having a natural look and feel.

While often associated with historical homes, clay tile roofing companies like Ohm Restoration offer more modern designs. In addition to aesthetics, clay tiles have many benefits, like insect resistance.

However, you’ll still want an expert team for the installation process. At Ohm Restoration, we have a crew of qualified roofing contractors that can help. Whether for an installation or a clay tile repair and replacement, our team brings unmatched service and satisfaction.

Our Clay Tile Installation Benefits

From creating your dream home to completely restoring your business’s property, you’ll want the Ohm Restoration touch. We can install your new clay tile roof quickly and efficiently–saving you time and money. The benefits of our rapid installation process are:

  • Quality materials that will strengthen your home’s curb appeal
  • Expert installation that can dramatically reduce your energy bills
  • Better durability that will increase your roof’s lifespan


Clay Tile Roofing

Clay Tile Benefits

One of the primary benefits of clay tiles is their look and appeal. Clay tile can significantly bolster a home’s curb appeal while offering a natural look. Additionally, they can match virtually any architectural style. Other benefits include:

●   Durability: Clay tiles are strong, don’t rot, and have insect and fire resistance. They can also handle extreme heat and cold.

●   Low-maintenance: Clay tile requires far less maintenance than other roofing materials. This can translate into significant savings. They also have excellent longevity, with some roofs lasting a hundred years or more.

●   Excellent insulation: Clay tiles allow for proper air circulation. This regulates a rooftop’s temperature and the temperature inside the home.

●   Sustainability: Clay tiles are also eco-friendly and can easily be recycled into new tiles or bricks, and don’t produce any greenhouse gas during the manufacturing process.

    Clay Tile Roofing

    Why Choose Ohm Restoration?

    When you need a clay tile repair and replacement or installation, you’ll want a professional roofing company on your side. Luckily, at Ohm Restoration, we have plenty of qualified and insured clay tile roof contractors who can efficiently get the job done.

    We strive to offer comprehensive services and customer satisfaction. We adhere to strict industry standards and regulations. This includes being certified at the highest level among every shingle manufacturer. Through us, you’ll receive:

    • High-Quality Professionalism: All our clay-tile contractors are highly vetted for excellence, equipped with many years of experience, and are licensed, insured, and trained. We also have professional customer service specialists ready to resolve any issues.
    • Dynamic Experience: We’re well-adept at working with various clients and projects. From updating the clay tiles of your home to completely restoring or replacing your business’s roof, we will get the job done while offering transparent communication and competitive prices. We provide both residential and commercial services.
    • Comprehensive Services: Our comprehensive services include emergency services. From a severe leak or fire to an extreme weather event or another unforeseen issue, our team’s ready to help with whatever is plaguing you.
    Clay Tile Roofing

    Signs it’s Time for a Roof Repair or Replacement

    With the proper maintenance, clay tile roofs can last a long time. However, sometimes a repair or a replacement is needed. In addition to broken tiles, signs that indicate it’s time for a repair often include water leaks or damaged flashing.

    Left unchecked, a water leak can damage your home’s insulation and drywall, promote mold and mildew, and even compromise your building’s foundation. Our team will locate the source of the leak and resolve the issue.

    Flashing protects sensitive areas like skylights, chimneys, and vents. If you notice that your flashing is rusting, warping, or deteriorating, give us a call, and our team will inspect the problem and discuss repair options. 

    Clay Tile Roof Replacement

    A clay tile roof replacement is a much more extensive process, requiring more than just removing and replacing certain tiles. Signs that you need a complete clay tile roof replacement include:

    • Your roof is 50 years or older
    • Leaks that you can’t patch
    • A sagging roofline
    • You can see through your attic
    • You want a better curb appeal

    Give Our Expert Team a Call Today

    A clay tile roof has many benefits. In addition to aesthetic purposes, homeowners turn to clay tiles for their durability and lifespan.

    However, the process of installing or having a clay tile repair and replacement can be strenuous. A team of qualified roofing contractors can make a huge difference.

    Give us a call at 888-319-7058 and discover the Ohm Restoration difference!