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Local Gutter Repair and Installation You Can Rely On

With the heavy rains, severe storms, and occasional tornadoes that many places are known for, having a high-quality gutter system installed at your home or business is essential. A functional gutter system handles rainfall and moisture, effectively directing it away from your home, keeping your roof, siding, and foundation protected from the elements.

At Ohm Restoration, we provide extensive gutter services to help protect your property from water damage. We offer a range of gutters designed to control rainwater efficiently and effectively.

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Advantages Of A Reliable Gutter System

At Ohm Restoration, we strive to help homeowners and business owners keep their properties safe from the elements. With our premier gutter installation services, you can rest assured that your home and office will be safe from water damage.

Having a reliable gutter system protects your home in many ways. From the gutters themselves to covers and downspouts, Ohm Restoration provides full-service gutter installation that will help keep your investment protected.


Here Are Some Notable Advantages to Installing and Maintaining a Quality Gutter System

1. Fortified Foundations

Without gutters (or with old, leaky gutters), rainwater slides off the roof of your home or business and lands around your property in the exact shape of your roof. As water and runoff build up around the base of your home, the earth and foundation will begin to deteriorate.

Gutters transport this runoff away from the foundation of your property and safely deposit it elsewhere.


2. Protection From Water Damage

While an inch of rainwater may not sound like a lot, it adds up to nearly 2,000 gallons of water. Some state get over 40 inches of rain each year. Functional gutters will help protect your home both inside and out from severe water damage like leaks, cracks, and stains.

3. Increased Property Value

Each upgrade you add to your home or business property will increase its value. Installing a top-quality gutter system may inspire potential buyers to purchase the property if you decide to sell. Gutters reduce the amount of maintenance and long-term repairs necessary at any property.


4. Save Money

In the long run, a working gutter system will not only protect your home from the elements but also protect your wallet from expensive maintenance and repair work.

At Ohm Restoration, our experienced contractors can quickly install the best gutter system to protect your property. We strive to help our clients create and protect the homes and businesses of their dreams.

Invest In Quality Gutter Services

While we believe that gutters are a necessity for any home or business, we understand that choosing the right gutter system may be a daunting decision. We happily provide free estimates at Ohm Restoration, and our skilled contractors can ensure that you select the right gutter system for your needs.

We typically avoid pricy, high-maintenance options such as wooden gutters and unsustainable, short-lived vinyl gutters. Expensive wooden gutters require a lot of maintenance as wood is porous, and vinyl gutters are highly susceptible to damage and lack structural integrity. At Ohm Restoration, our contractors typically recommend various metal gutter options.

Available gutter systems at Ohm Restoration include:

  • Copper Gutters – An elegant option, copper gutters perform well in any weather, keeping your home safe through every season. They’re also highly durable. Copper gutters can be pricey, but if you’re willing to splurge a little, their long life and adaptability are worth the money.
  • Aluminum Gutters – These gutters are an excellent option for anyone seeking an affordable alternative to vinyl gutters. Aluminum gutters fall within a similar price range as vinyl gutters while still offering higher durability.
  • Steel Gutters – An excellent midrange option, steel gutters are long-lasting and comparable to copper gutters in adaptability. Galvanized steel can last up to 25 years, and stainless steel gutters can last a lifetime.
  • Zinc Gutters – Zinc is an uncommon but advantageous gutter option. Like the other metal gutters available at Ohm Restoration, zinc gutters are long-lasting and adaptable. They are also quite affordable and available in a wide range of colors. Zinc gutters are also sustainable and can be recycled if you ever decide to replace them.

Take Preventative Measures

No matter which material you choose for your gutter system, our expert contractors can install your selection with ease. Whether you’re shopping for your first gutter system or replacing the one you’ve had for decades, at Ohm Restoration, we’ll work with you to install and improve your gutters.

Keeping your gutters clean and in good condition is essential to their functionality. If your gutters become blocked or damaged, they can’t properly dispose of rainwater. Backups can lead to leaks, water damage to your roof, and the potential collapse of your gutter system.

At Ohm Restoration, we recommend having your gutters cleaned at least twice a year and after significant weather events. Here are a few tips for keeping rainwater flowing smoothly through your gutter system.

For top-quality installation services you can rely on and unbeatable gutter selection, Ohm Restoration is the leading choice. Get your free estimate today—fill out our contact form to get started!