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Window Installation

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Window Installation

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Replacing the windows in your home can be a good investment in more ways than one, as modern windows provide aesthetics while helping you save money on your electric bill. However, in addition to choosing the right windows to fit your home, you’ll also need to make sure they’re correctly installed. So if you’re planning to get new windows, be sure to hire a professional window installation contractor to make sure it’s done correctly.

Ohm Restoration is available for expert installation of any type of windows. We offer professional residential window installation and consultation. Call us for reliable recommendations and friendly service. Below, we’ll explain the pros and cons of the most common types of windows and the benefits of professional window installation.

Window Installation

Common Types of Windows

Whether you’re looking to add more natural light or want to enhance your home’s overall appearance, there are several window options available to help achieve your goals. However, before you start shopping around, you’ll need to get familiar with the common types of windows found on the market.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are one of the oldest types of windows. They usually have one moving sash that allows the bottom pane to slide up and down in the window frame. They may also open at an angle for extra ventilation. These windows are versatile enough to fit many traditional and contemporary homes.

Double-Hung Windows

Unlike single-hung windows, a double-hung window has both the top and bottom sash slide up and down in the window frame, allowing both panes to open and provide ventilation. Double-hung windows are the most common type of windows found in residential homes as they can fit various traditional or contemporary architectural styles.

Bay Windows

Bay windows, also known as bow windows, are attractive decorative windows that curve outward from your home. These windows focus on your home’s design instead of acting as primary viewing windows. Depending on the construction of your home, bay windows are a great architectural choice if you want more interior space and an elegant design for your living room.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are designed to let in more natural light and are hinged at the top, allowing the pane to open at a downward angle for additional airflow. They’re usually installed on top of other windows but can be installed alongside or below them as well. In addition, awning windows work well with various architectural styles, making them a great addition if you’re hoping to add a more contemporary look to an older home.

Window Installation

Slider Windows

Slider windows have a large area that opens by sliding to the right or left on a track. The most common type is the sliding-door window, where one side of a double window opens by sliding behind the other and acts as a door to your home. Slider windows also come in smaller sizes, typically seen in modern and contemporary architecture.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are specially shaped combination windows usually installed above other windows and doors to let in additional light. These windows are great for an architectural appeal or added visual interest alongside fireplaces or bathrooms.

Picture Windows

One of the more popular windows for residential homes is the picture window. Picture windows are large, fixed, single-pane windows designed to maximize your view and sunlight exposure while adding design features to your home. Though the most common types are floor-to-ceiling style windows, picture windows include any windows that are larger than the standard size and are designed to let in the most natural light while providing a clear view of the outdoors.

Casement Windows

Commonly found above kitchen sinks, casement windows are famous for their functional design and ability to ventilate the home. These windows open out from a hinge on the left or right side at a 90-degree angle to allow optimal airflow. They’re an excellent aesthetic option if you’re looking for plenty of natural light and increased ventilation.


Window Installation

The Importance of Professional Window Installation

If you’re thinking about getting new windows, you first need to make sure you’re choosing the right ones for your home. After that, you’ll need to consult with professional window installers to help you get started. In addition, hiring professional installers can come with several advantages:

You Get Expert Recommendations

As you shop for the “right” window, you’ll need to consider your home’s design, architectural style, and energy efficiency needs. A professional window installer can recommend the best window designs to match your home’s unique style and help you choose the best materials to achieve your goals and fit your budget.

You Get Access to Quality Materials 

When you’re ready to invest in new windows, you probably want a high-quality, durable product. Although you can shop around at the local store and find them yourself, a professional window installation company can recommend the best window materials to optimize your home.

Our expert window installers at Ohm Restoration often recommend vinyl windows due to their durability under changing weather conditions. Vinyl windows also come in various styles, colors, and energy-efficient glass options that can help you save money on your light bill.

Your Windows Are Installed the Right Way 

Window installation isn’t a good DIY project – many windows have specific manufacturer instructions to ensure they are correctly installed and working at maximum efficiency. Professional installers know precisely how to follow manufacturer guidelines. Window installation contractors can ensure that your window fits and has a weather-tight seal to help avoid air leaks and energy loss, ensuring that it lasts for years to come.

Professional Installation Comes with a Warranty 

Professional window installers are also manufacturer-certified contractors that can offer warranties to ensure that the costs of your window are covered if it needs repair or replacement. This added benefit can be extremely valuable should an unforeseen circumstance happen to your window.

When you need expert window installation, Ohm Restoration is available to help. Contact us at (888) 319-7058 or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.