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Patio Contractor

If you are looking to spruce up your yard and increase the value of your home, a patio might be the perfect solution. An outdoor patio is an excellent option for recreation and can pull your backyard design into a coherent whole. 

Ohm Restoration is proud to offer industry-leading patio contractor services. We can use our extensive experience to help plan and build custom patio designs that fit your needs and unique style. Give us a call today to discuss patio options for your yard!

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Patio Design and Installation

We offer full-scale patio design and installation services. We understand that no two customers are the same, so we take the time to create a personalized patio design sensitive to your needs. Our experienced contractors can handle any patio construction and installation job you send our way. We can help you design a simple paver patio or a patio with more complex fixtures, such as a kitchen. Other patio fixtures we can install include: 

  • Fire pits
  • Ovens
  • Stairs and walkways
  • Benches and seating spots
  • Retaining walls
  • And more 

We always strive to outdo our previous work and our customers’ expectations. 

Patio Materials

Below is a list of the most common patio materials we work with. 


Concrete is highly versatile and makes an excellent patio material due to its durability and resistance. Concrete is also easy to install, cost-effective, and comes in several finishes and styles, including smooth, rough, brushed, scorched, and decorative options. 


Brick is another durable material that homeowners have used for patios for centuries. Brick offers a classic, rustic look that goes well with most home styles and decorations. Popular brick patterns include jack-on-jack, running bond, and herringbone. 


Flagstone consists of large, flat stones ranging between one and three inches thick. Flagstone elements are not the same size and shape, so the finished product has an interesting asymmetrical pattern that distinguishes it from other types of stone. 


Tiles come in various styles and are durable and low-maintenance. They are more stable than other options and allow for much customization. 


Benefits of Installing a Patio

Whether you want to host dinner parties or want somewhere you can read and enjoy the outdoor weather, a patio is a great idea. Here are just a few benefits of installing a patio in your yard. 

Improve Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior design does a lot to generate first impressions and make it stand out on the block. A high-quality patio improves your home’s curb appeal and creates an attractive space for everyone to see. Our team at Ohm Restoration can provide a professional patio installation to make your dream yard a reality. 

Recreation Spot

Patios are excellent for outdoor recreation, from cooking and enjoying drinks to relaxing and entertaining. The patio is the perfect outdoor living space to relax and hang out if you’ve been stuck indoors all day. 

Low Maintenance

Concrete patios are also low maintenance; simply hose off your patio with regular water to remove dirt and grime. Regularly washing your patio can maintain its appearance and increase its lifespan. 

Increase Property Values

Lastly, installing a new patio generates a significant return on investment. A new patio installation can have an ROI anywhere between 55% and 80%, depending on the materials, design, and installation quality. 


Patio Contractor FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions we receive about our patio contractor services. 

Why Is It Called a Patio?

The term “patio” is a Spanish word that roughly translates to “courtyard” or “forecourt” and refers to a paved space for dining or recreation in your yard. Patios can be independent or connected to your house. 

What Is the Purpose of a Patio?

Patios are mostly for recreation, including dining or entertainment. Patios can range in size from just a few square feet to covering over half your yard. 

Are Patios Concrete or Cement?

Many patios are concrete due to the material’s durability and ease of installation. Cement is actually an ingredient in concrete, and patios rarely (if ever) consist solely of cement. Other popular materials for patios include brick, stone, granite, wood, and tile. 

What Is the Difference Between a Patio and a Deck?

A patio is a smaller, typically paved, area in a front or backyard that may or may not connect to the rest of the house structure. A deck is typically a raised platform without a roof that connects to the main house structure. Some structures combine elements of patios and decks. 

Patio Contractor Near Me

Ohm Restoration strives to offer a superior level of home improvement services. When you want quality, we are the best choice for the job. Our experienced contractors work with all modern materials to provide bespoke home improvement projects that stand the test of time. 

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