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Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

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Solar Panel Installation

Learn How Solar Power Works

Solar power installation allows you to directly harness the clean and renewable energy produced by the sun. Residential solar power uses photovoltaics (PV) panels. You may have seen these panels standing in fields in your area or on roofs.

Sun hits the PV panels, which then absorb photons from the light. The absorption of photons generates an electric field, eventually leading to the flow of electricity through the solar energy system.


Commercial Options for Solar Power

PV solar power works well for residential property owners who want to save money on their energy bills. Commercial property owners may select concentrating solar power (CSP) systems. Generally, these systems only appear in big power plants.

CSP systems utilize mirrors to concentrate the light produced by the sun, converting the energy into heat. They then use the heat to generate electricity.

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Let Us Assess Your Property’s
Suitability for Solar Power

Sustainable power allows you to reduce your energy expenses by drawing on the energy produced by the sun. Companies create solar panels designed to work in any climate. However, solar power may not be the best choice for every property.

Our trained technicians can assess your property for viability for solar power. 

Before you install solar panels, you may also want to consider the age of your roof. The placement of solar panels makes it more challenging to replace your roof, so you may want to take care of replacement before installation. We also focus on the amount of tree cover around your home and other sources of shade.

Generally, solar panels work best on south-facing roofs. Additionally, we find they function well on roofs with a slope of 15-40 degrees. However, solar panels may still function on your property, even outside this ideal range.

Solar Provides You with Safe and Environmentally Friendly Power

Solar panel installation allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill and take direct steps to protect the environment. Solar power reduces the production of pollutants and carbon, leading to cleaner air. It also reduces contaminants in the water.
Many people wonder if solar power represents a safe choice. The panels we install align with international standards for safety. Our installation crews also make sure that they align with all your local:

Building Codes

Fire Codes

Electrical Codes

  • Building Codes
  • Fire Codes
  • Electrical Codes

A certified electrician also inspects the connections for your solar power system during the installation process. You can feel confident about the system’s safety, and we’ll answer any further questions you have about this form of power.

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Don’t Take Risks: Work with a
Professional for Solar Installation

Some property owners are considering installing their own solar panels. However, this could lead to complications with the electrical system. Additionally, you must adhere to multiple local codes to legally install the system.

Our team understands all the regulations on solar panels in the area, allowing us to install your system quickly and correctly. We walk you through each step of the installation process, starting with assessing your unique solar needs.

Save Money on Your Energy
Expenses with Solar Power

Many property owners install solar panels to reduce their energy expenses. In the early days of solar panels, installation and set-up costs often seemed prohibitive. However, these costs have been dropping since 2009, along with the cost to purchase solar panels.
The increased affordability of solar power systems allows more people to take advantage of this form of power. However, you should know that not everyone saves the same amount of money on their energy expenses. Your savings may depend upon:

  • The amount of electricity you use regularly
  • The size of the system you use for solar energy
  • Whether you lease or buy a solar power system

Additionally, some properties have features that make it easier to generate electricity. For example, if you have a south-facing roof exposed consistently to the sun, your panels may end up producing much more energy than a property owner with a heavily wooded home.
The rates used by your local utility company may also impact your savings. When you reach out to our solar panel installation crews, you can discuss these factors.

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Earn Money with Your Excess Solar Energy

Does your solar power system generate more energy than you need for your home?  In this situation, you may have the ability to send the power “back” to your local electricity grid. In many areas around the country, utilities compensate you for this extra power.

The rates for this form of service vary. You may discuss the likelihood of receiving funds for additional solar power with our team members.

Reduce the Cost of Solar
Panel Installation with Tax Breaks

The Federal Government currently offers a tax credit to property owners who install solar systems on their homes. The credit directly lowers the amount of income tax you’d otherwise owe to the government.
You may claim this credit if you installed a solar-powered system anytime from the beginning of 2006 until the end of 2023. Currently, the government has no plans to continue offering the credit past the end of 2023.
The credit works for solar PV systems. It allows you to cover expenses like the physical panels used for the installation. However, you may only claim the credit if you install a solar panel system on your primary or secondary home or if you install it as part of a community project for solar power.

It also covers:

Installing a solar power system may prove expensive due to the labor costs involved. The tax credit may help you save on costs for:

●        Onsite preparation

●        Assembly

●        Installation

The installation process involves more than simply placing the panels on your roof. Technicians may also require payment for inspections, developer fees, and permitting fees.

Solar panels require additional equipment to function correctly. Depending upon the type of system you have installed, you may need to purchase:

●        Inverters

●        Wiring

●        Equipment to mount the panels

Our team can discuss the costs for each of these pieces of equipment. In addition, we provide straightforward pricing for installing solar panels.

Are you interested in saving some portion of the energy produced by your solar panels for later use? You may want to get an energy storage device to handle this storage. Manufacturers design and sell batteries that fit onto your home to store the power.

Finally, the government may factor the sales tax into the tax credit you receive for your purchases.

Consider Your Options to Pay for Your Solar Power System

You have several choices when it comes to paying for solar panel installation. Generally, you must decide if you want to buy or lease your solar power system.

Buying a Solar Power System

You have the option to buy your solar power system outright. Some property owners save money and then make their purchase in one lump sum. You may also choose to take out a solar loan to cover your up-front costs.
Generally, you make monthly payments towards your solar loan. In many cases, these payments stay lower than what you’d pay for your monthly utility bill, allowing you to save money quickly.
Are you purchasing a new home and planning to include solar power? Consider adding solar to your mortgage using special loans from Fannie Mae or the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

Leasing a Solar Power System

You have two primary options for leasing a solar energy system. You may either lease from a solar energy company or sign up for a power purchase agreement (PPA).
Solar leases allow you to make an agreement with a company that provides solar power. Homeowners pay the solar companies every month, and the company will enable you to utilize their solar panels and equipment. Often, you don’t have to pay any up-front costs with a solar lease.
What happens if you sign a PPA? You agree to pay for the power a system generates at a set rate in this situation. Note that you cannot benefit from the Federal tax credit if you lease your system or if you sign up for a PPA.

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Increase the Overall Value of Your Home with Solar Power

Generally, potential home buyers consider solar power an upgrade when looking for a new property to purchase. In addition, buyers are often willing to pay around $15,000 more if a home includes a solar array of average size.

In some areas, homes that have solar power systems sell faster. Note that these increases in value tend to apply to properties with self-owned solar power systems, not systems that you lease. You may consider that factor when deciding how to set up your system.

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance
for your Solar Power System

What happens after solar panel installation? After our team
finishes installing your system, it will start drawing energy from the sun and producing electricity. After that, you can relax and let the system run independently.

Solar panels often last around 20 years when they receive regular care and maintenance. You can contact us if you want professional assistance keeping your panels clean. We can even perform routine inspections to ensure they stay in good condition.
You may want to reach out to a solar power professional if you notice a drop in solar power production, which often indicates a problem of some kind with your panels.

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Solar Panel Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Get additional information about solar panel installation from our team at Ohm Restoration. Our skilled and experienced installation crews understand what it takes to get your home ready to use solar power. Get started by considering these questions.

Can I Run AC on Solar Power?

Yes! You can use the renewable energy generated from your solar panels to operate your air conditioning unit through the summer. Taking this step can help you reduce your electricity bill, as cooling costs often represent a large portion of the energy drain during the summer.

Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

No, solar panels cannot provide you with energy at night. They require access to the photons produced by sunlight to generate power for your home. However, you could consider a battery option to save energy produced during the day.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My Home?

The number of solar panels you need to power your home varies based on the square footage of your property, the number of appliances you have, and the amount of sunshine you get, in many cases. You can review your specific needs with a solar panel installation professional.

What Will Happen to Solar Panels After Their Useful Lives Are Over?

Unfortunately, many solar panels end up going to a landfill after they stop working correctly. However, some companies are working to create better options for recycling. These companies strive to create panels that can be decommissioned and reused to reduce waste.

Further technological advances may also help solar panels last longer before they wear out. You can review all current options with our team.

Learn More About Solar
Panel Installation

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of solar power? Contact our team at Ohm Restoration to go over all your options. You can schedule solar panel installation with our team today.
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