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Insurance Restoration

When your home or business sustains damage, it is incredibly important to ensure that it is fully restored to prevent long term issues down the road.  The insurance restoration process can be confusing, but rest assured that Ohm Restoration has extensive experience to help.

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Insurance Restoration

Enhanced Coverage

When in comes to insurance restoration, Ohm has a long track record of helping homeowners and businesses alike get the repairs they deserve.  We work with you to make the process simple but thorough.

With our process, we provide proper documentation, including drone inspections, to make sure your insurance adjuster is thorough and all aspects of the claim are maximized.

Proper documentation during the adjustment can result in a better outcome for your insurance claim. This provides you with peace of mind that the much-needed repairs will be completed on your property. Each repair is an important protection for your property long term, as it can improve value, prevent long-term issues, and often results in a beautiful improvement to your home or business.

Insurance Restoration

Fairer Settlements

Insurance companies routinely benefit from being the only party present during the adjustment because they can control what is observed in the initial assessment, what is included on their report, and finally, the actual dollar amount — essentially every aspect of the claim.

Working With OHM Restoration Helps Establish A Balanced Playing Field

Due to Ohm’s extensive experience in insurance restoration, and helping clients get the most from their insurance repairs, we would love to help you get the restorations you deserve.  With Ohm on your side, you can rest assured, we will help from start to finish.

Insurance Restoration

Less Hassle

Often, policy holders, both homeowners and business owners alike, attempt manage the insurance restoration process alone.  Trying to hire individual contractors, dealing with complex payment structures, being forced to learn industry jargon, and having to keep a watchful eye on all the repairs along the entire process.  This can be a huge hassle for you all while maintaining your business, home life and family all at once.

It’s best to work with the team of professionals at Ohm, who can help take a stressful process, and make it so much easier on you.  It can be hard to understand all the steps, the lingo, and the nuances between every contracting industry.  Allow Ohm Restoration help you reach peace of mind and take the burden off your shoulders, as we provide guidance throughout the entire claim and restoration process.

Insurance Restoration

Insurance Process Breakdown

Initial Assessment

Our industry affiliate will do a property assessment to determine the extent of the damage resulting from the incident in question. He or she will advise you on whether the observed damage justifies initiating an insurance claim. This initial meeting will also give our affiliate the opportunity to introduce you to their company and explain what they can offer that is relevant to your situation.

 File Claim

Filing the insurance claim usually take about 10-15 minutes and our affiliate can assist you with this process. Most of the time the claim is filed over the phone, but some insurance carriers have made it convienient to file through a mobile app.


Once the claim is filed, your insurance carrier should reach out to you within 24-48 hours. When the meeting is schedued, notify your OHM representative so they can be on site during the adjustment. Being present allows your representative to ensure all affected areas of your property are documented by your insurance adjuster.

Claim Document Review & Contract

Your representative will review and explain the claim specifics and describe the payment structure, as well as what to expect based off of your carriers initial estimate. If you appreciate the expertise and service provided by your representative, sign the contract to schedule your repairs.

Downpayment (ACV Check)

Once you and your representative have agreed on a contract, the Actual Cash Value (ACV) amount of any work being performed by our affiliate will serve as your down payment for the contract. The ACV check is the initial payment released by your insurance carrier.


A supplement occurs when documentation is provided to your insurance carrier showing items that were missed during the adjustment. Once the contract is signed, an in-house team will immediately get to work on ensuring any items that may have been left off of your claim are added to the estimate. This is done by utilizing documentation from the initial assessment. Supplemental line items and amounts will be sent to your carrier along with the photo evidence. This ensures a swift negotiation process.

Invoice for Depreciation

This is done by the accounting department of our affiliate. An invoice is sent to your insurance carrier along with all of the relevant line items that were completed, and a request is made to release the depreciation payment. This second payment will contain the balance that is owed to our affiliate to complete the contract obligations.

Deliver Warranties

Once final payment is received, any warranty paperwork will be provided to you by your representative. This will include our workmanship guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty.