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Skylight Installation and Repair

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Skylight Installation

Skylight Contractors

Not only are skylights aesthetically pleasing, but they come with many benefits. Many homeowners dream about having a skylight installed. However, they may not know what it entails or believe that the process is too complicated or expensive.

At Ohm Restoration, we have a team of qualified roofing skylight contractors that can expertly handle all your skylight installation needs. We understand each homeowner has reasons for wanting a skylight and that no two homes are the same.

By using our industry knowledge and the latest tools, we can expertly install your skylight and avoid common pitfalls while communicating with you every step of the way.

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Skylight Installation

The Benefits of Skylights

Having skylights in your next home improvement project has many benefits. The first immediate benefit is that skylights can increase your curb appeal. However, in addition to aesthetics, skylights also have many functional benefits. Some of these benefits include:

●      Natural Light: The most significant benefit of skylights is allowing more natural light to enter a room. Natural light can improve a person’s mood. Natural light may even facilitate better work productivity.

●      Better Ventilation: Skylights allow for better ventilation and air circulation. Now you can freshen up and even cool your spaces.

●      Lower Energy Bills: Skylights offer both solar heat and cross ventilation. These two processes together can significantly cut down on your energy bills.

●      Beautiful Views: Don’t forget the beautiful views that skylights add. When strategically placed, you can get a great view of nature during the daytime or the stars at night.

Skylight Installation

How Our Installation Process Works

For hiring skylight installation contractors, choose a team with an extensive skylight installation history. A skylight needs to follow precise manufacturer’s installation instructions to prevent leaks and other problems.

Luckily, our team are experts in their fields and can install your skylights efficiently and cost-effectively. We’re well versed in installing both deck-mounted and curb-mounted skylights.

Deck Mounted Skylight Services

Deck-mounted skylights are produced in a factory and can be attached once you open the box. The installation process typically follows three essential steps:

1. The skylight is attached to a roof’s decking by screwing down the skylight.

2. Ice and water protectors are placed to prevent damage.

3. Our team will install your skylight’s flashing kit, protecting it from weather and water damage.

Curb Mounted Skylight Services

Curb-mounted skylights require a more extensive process. A curb-mounted skylight will be built on-site and is retrofitted over a rough opening. Our overall process for installing a curb mounted skylight is:

1. Your skylight contractor will build the mount out of a material like plywood. They do this while adhering to specific measurements, so the curb fits the hole inside and the skylight outside.

2. Your skylight contractor will place down chalk lines for cutting your roof and placing the curb.

3. The skylight is then attached to the curb, and a pre-existing or newly created flashing kit is applied.

Skylight Installation

Our Skylight Repair Services

When properly installed, skylights can be extremely durable. However, there are still times when you might need a skylight repair. Our team can start by inspecting the sides of the skylight, diagnose the issue(s), and discuss possible solutions and costs. Signs you may need a skylight repair include:

●      Water damages: If you’re noticing water leaks or water damage close to the glass pane’s edges, call our team ASAP. Failure to do so may lead to a damp or discolored ceiling, mold and mildew growth, and flaky drywall.

●      Cracked panes: If your glass panes are cracked, then it’s time for a skylight repair. Although a minor crack may not seem like an issue, a crack can grow over time and cause a glass pane to shatter. This is especially true if your area has high winds, hailstones, snowstorms, and other weather events.

●      Drafts: If you can feel a draft or hear whistling winds in a room where your skylight is located, the skylight may be the culprit. Failure to rectify this problem can increase significant airflow into your home, resulting in higher energy bills and increasing the chance of water damage.

Call Ohm Restoration for an Expert Touch

A skylight installation has many benefits, like increasing curb appeal and reducing energy bills. However, skylights can also be an expensive investment. That’s why you want an expert team on your side. At Ohm Restoration, we provide dynamic services. We do this by pairing industry knowledge and tools with top-tier customer satisfaction, including customized emergency services.

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