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CertainTeed Shingles

You’ve spent years building a home that reflects your unique personality and sense of style. 

Now imagine upgrading the outer shell of that home with CertainTeed residential roofing  shingles with Ohm Restoration.

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rtainteed Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Services

CertainTeed offers shingles backed by decades of industry-leading expertise and innovation. 

Their cutting-edge technologies unlock an unparalleled combination of durability, strength, and beauty that would transform the look and longevity of your roof.

Let the roofing experts at Ohm Restoration help you upgrade your most valuable asset — your home — with long-lasting CertainTeed residential roofing shingles backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

The Ohm Restoration Advantage:

  • Premium Residential Shingles
  • Seamless Insurance Claim Assistance
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CertainTeed Shingles

What Makes CertainTeed Roofs Better Than the Competition?

What makes CertainTeed a great choice for your residential roofing needs?  

Their dedication to performance, quality and durability has shaped the roofing industry for generations. Backed by one of the strongest warranties in the business CertainTeed shingles feature:

Tough Weather Resistance  

Their ClimateFlex® technology combines rubbery polymers with durable asphalt to create shingles that offer unrivaled protection against extreme weather conditions. ClimateFlex shingles earn CertainTeed’s highest Class 4 hail rating along with superior adhesion and performance in both frigid winters and sweltering summers.    

Long-Lasting Strength and Durability

CertainTeed’s QuadraBond technology secures their shingles’ multilayered composition using a patented 4-point adhesion system. This helps the roof withstand powerful winds and temperature fluctuations for decades. Combined with a superior warranty, QuadraBond ensures CertainTeed roofs maintain their integrity and performance for the long haul.

    Keeps Your Roof Looking New 

    StreakFighter® and CertaSeal work together to defend CertainTeed roofs against the most common threats to a roof’s aesthetic appeal. StreakFighter’s algae-resistant granules and CertaSeal’s flexible adhesive maintain your roof’s curb appeal by repelling and sealing out elements that can cause black streaks and deterioration over time.

    Easy and Accurate Installation

    NailTrak ®, CertainTeed’s wide nailing area, simplifies installation with three distinct horizontal lines to guide aligning and fastening shingles. The extra-wide channels reduce over- or under-nailing for a professional, long-lasting result that stands the test of time.

      Why Choose Ohm Restoration?

      You want a roofing company that combines premium products, expertise and exceptional service.   

      Experienced Roofing Professionals: Our team of licensed installers have decades of installing and repairing all types of residential roofs to get the job done properly.

      Detailed Inspections: Our licensed roofing inspectors thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your current roof before recommending the optimal solution.  

      Claims Assistance: For uninsured damages, our licensed experts will seamlessly guide you through the insurance claims process to help you receive the maximum coverage possible.

      Faster Recovery: Our crews are highly trained and efficient, enabling us to complete even complex projects in a timely manner so you can get back to normal quickly.  

      Premium Certainteed Products: We use Certainteed’s high-end roofing materials, providing the utmost in residential roofing quality,durability and aesthetics.

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      Are you ready for a premium CertainTeed roof? 

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